It was a very informative and useful course. I would recommend the professor and would go to his courses more if there are any.
It was a very good experience

Amazing professor with lots of experience. The classes were really amazing. I’m looking forward to attend professor Habib’s more courses.

Adelle is very personable, encouraging and talented workshop leader. Readings were carefully chosen, writing ‘in class’ was very helpful in developing writing skills. Highly recommended and I will take the next course.

A very comprehensive course in Creative Non Fiction, with lots of time for practice.
The teacher was very well prepared and provided excellent examples of the genre.

Mr. Habib is an excellent tutor. He has his own unique way of teaching. His teaching style is very intriguing and brilliant. The amount of experience and knowledge he exhibited during the course bemused me. He explains every topic with constructive real-life examples which makes his classes more absorbing. Overall it was a fantastic course with the professor. I would highly recommend Professor Habib for more courses at the University.

Jennifer is a great teacher. It was valuable to be able to take an online ASL course that had a smaller class size, and was available in the evenings. I am hopeful that the next courses (e.g. ASL 1-B) will run soon so I can build more easily on what I have learned.

Engaging and clear presentation, and a joy to listen to the music. Well organized. Thank you!

This event was phenomenal in every meaning of the word. I am so grateful to be in a University where we have such opportunities to engage with community members in a meaningful and serendipitous way - and for no cost on top of that. Syd Birrell is a real craftsman and musician, and his decision to incorporate so many mediums into his workshop was impactful. I left that workshop with an enhanced understanding of Bach’s life and how it influenced his music, how an organ actually works and what the processes of wind generation and movement looks like behind the scenes, and of course what it feels like to bear witness and listen to such magic. I am grateful to be a student within a University and college which prioritizes engagement, collegiality, and community. I was in the company of two international students; one from Bangladesh and one from Germany, and us three unlikely musketeers stayed well past the evening ended, and carried what we experienced with us. Our conversation home was provocative and full of life, as was our chance and unplanned meeting the next day. What a privilege.

The event was fabulous. Sad is a wonderful presenter. Informative, funny, knowledgable, and a master of the organ. It was a real treat to see the backside workings of an organ.

Excellent evening. Sid was masterful! Venue very comfortable. My first experience with Continuing Education was very worthwhile!

Absolutely informative! Learned things I never knew I never knew. Brought a friend and he said the same. Syd is so educated and has a passion for sharing what he knows. And to also play a choice collection of prices to really demonstrate how and what the pull stops and how the pipes work was great. Very cool seeing the “behind the scenes”, both with the tuning of the organ, pipe by pipe(wow!!) And having the camera directed towards Syd’s hands and feet so you could really see how he was dancing across those keys. And allowing audience members to view the sheet music and play on the organ after was very generous. Great night! Would do again in a heartbeat!

The instructor was very knowledgable about the organ. His stories were great! A fun, musical night.

Very interesting , enjoyed it very much. First time attending this kind of seminar and happy I did

Adelle was warm and welcoming and went to great strides to ensure the group felt comfortable and safe. I really appreciated her activities, they were thought provoking and allowed me to dive into the process. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and I will be recommending it to others

Very enjoyable and useful. Adelle is a great teacher.

Loved having this half day writing and yoga retreat option!
Personally would have loved more of a yoga component and a tie in to the writing, but still really enjoyed all the writing exercises and the space as well was beautiful. Thanks to Adelle!!

Presenter conveyed a sense of genuine interest in the subject and I came away with activity ideas that can help self regulate when striving to reach a goal.

Gail gave a very clear and easy to understand presentation. Her visual slides were great. Good Q & A as well.

I enjoyed Gail’s presentation and the content of the class. I hadn’t realized there were so many things implicated in determining a credit score nor how important it is to check it every year.

The colours used by the teacher were spectacular. Her paintings were simple to implement and produced pleasing results. I would take another course with her.