Wonders of Egypt: The Great Tombs, Temples & Towns of the Pharaohs

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Wed Mar 22, 7:00 PM - Wed Apr 26, 9:00 PM (EDT)
Traill College, 310 London Street, Peterborough, ON, CANADA  
Wonders of Egypt: The Great Tombs, Temples & Towns of the Pharaohs

They are some of the most storied ancient sites in the world. And the greatest wonders of man. The great buildings and architectural works of the ancient Egyptians never fail to mesmerize. Why and how were they built? How were they conceived and used by kings, priests and commoners? And what did they look like 3000 years ago? Come take an armchair tour down the Nile with Egyptologist Laura Ranieri and explore in depth the awe-inspiring pyramids, tombs, towns, temples and structures of this great civilization that continue to make Egypt a land of endless fascination  

Week 1   

The Pyramids of Giza. We will explore the pyramids, structures, tombs, temples and other complexes of the great Giza plateau.

Week 2

Old Kingdom Tombs: Old Kingdom Tombs at Sakkara and Sun Temples: We will look at the stunning nobles tombs dating from the 4th to 6th century BCE at Sakkara.

Week 3 

Middle Kingdom Towns, temples and Nubian fortresses. We will explore the great planned town of Lahun c. 2000 BCE -- and also look at the formidable fortresses of Sudan.

We will also look at the great Middle Kingdom temple tomb of Mentuhotep II in Luxor – and the Middle Kingdom pyramids of Dashur.

Week 4

Valley of the Kings & Deir el Medina: Let's go inside some the great tombs of the Kings of the New Kingdom - including King Tut. And come and visit an ancient town from 4000 years ago - where the workers and craftsmen who carved and painted the tombs once lived.

Week 5

New Kingdom Temples: Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut: We'll explore the stunning architectural marvel of the woman who would be king. We will also look at the magnificent temple of Seti I(as Osiris) at Abydos.

Week 6

Akhenaten's City of Akhetetan: It was a unique city in the middle of the desert where a great heretic and rebel began a new religion of the sun.

Late Period Temples: Temples of Denderah to the Goddess Hathor and the last surviving temple of Egypt: The Ptolemaic Temple of Philae to the Goddess Isis.

And the finale – a brief look at Karnak, the greatest temple of Egypt

Karnak Temple in Luxor: Largest religious structure in the world upon which every king left his mark. Let's experience it - and understand its full glory!


  • In-depth insights into the art and archaeology of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites.
  • An understanding of how Egyptian society functioned, and the way the king asserted his power.
  • Insight into the different ages of Egypt – what was built when, by whom – and for what purpose.
  • The nature of religion and the role of the gods in Ancient Egypt.
  • How Ancient Egypt changed over the millennia – as witnessed by their evolving archaeology sites.

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