Italy: Language, Art and Cuisine

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Thu Mar 9, 7:00 PM - Thu Apr 27, 9:00 PM (EST)
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Italy: Language, Art and Cuisine

Italy is one of the most appreciated countries in the world as a tourist destination. However, not many are aware of the history hidden behind each attraction. This course is designed to provide a wide knowledge about the Italian culture giving a specific attention to the art, language and a little taste of the Italian cuisine.

Week 1 – Introduction

Why are we all so fascinated by Italy? What makes so special? This week we will try to answer this questions as we introduce ourselves into the topics that we will be covering in depth in the rest of the course.

Week 2 – Geography

This week we will discuss where Italy is situated in the world and the landscape surrounding the country. Moreover, we will embark in a journey North to South of the country to explore the main cities that attract tourists and the reason behind it.

Week 3 – Language

This week we will analyze the evolution of the language from Latin to the current Italian language and also focus on the different dialects across the country. Why does Italy have so many dialects? What is the meaning of having one common language? Do Italians prefer dialects or the Italian language? 

Week 4 – Art and Religion

Italy is a country strongly connected to Cristianity and therefore churches. What are the main churches? What are their stories? We will explore the various churches that characterize Italy, the paintings and monuments decorating every one of them.

Week 5 – Italian famous artists

A look into the main famous Italian artists and their work. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giotto and many others. We will discuss their main paintings, sculptures or architectural monuments by considering the historical period and the meaning behind them.

Week 6 – Italian Cuisine

We will talk about the broad variety of Italian food - in fact, each region is famous for a certain dish. We will discover the famous recipes in every region and the differences between them. For example, what is the different between tortellini and tortelloni? What city is famous in making lasagna? What is the difference from the lasagna made in Italy and the recipes that you find online or in other part of the world, like Canada?

Week 7 – Where would you like to go in Italy?

This will be an interactive class in which students will have the opportunity to share their interests towards Italian culture with the rest of the class. They will explain what city they would like to visit or have visited and provide a reason. What would they like to try from the Italian dishes? What is the main reason why they would choose Italy as a destination?

Week 8 – Conclusion



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