American Sign Language (ASL) Level 1-A *online

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Thu Mar 9, 7:00 PM - Thu Apr 27, 9:00 PM (EST)
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American Sign Language (ASL) Level 1-A *online

This introductory course for those with no previous knowledge of ASL introduces grammatical structures and facial expressions according to their functions, which are then used in situations connected to everyday activities in the deaf community. Everyday communication is the centerpiece of every lesson. Topics revolve around sharing information about our environment and us. You learn how to relate to each other and build up your cross-cultural awareness and understanding in a classroom with no spoken conversation. You will learn the basics of ASL including vocabulary, non-manual signals, grammar and syntax. Grammar is introduced in context, with an emphasis on developing question and answering skills. Learn to exchange personal information, identify others, give simple directions, talk about living situations, leisure activities and more. This course will also include an introduction to the Deaf culture. This course covers Units 1-3 in the Signing Naturally Level 1 Curriculum workbook if you wish to purchase one.

Week 1

  • Introductory video about ASL grammar and Deaf Culture will be shown.

Lesson this week covers:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Cardinal Numbers 1-10
  • Fingerspelling
  • Introducing Oneself

Week 2

Lesson this week covers:

  • Same or Different
  • Cardinal Numbers 10-15
  • Asking Who
  • Specifying Where
  • Giving Commands
  • Activity: Following Instructions
  • Culture: Getting Attention
  • Giving information about yourself

Week 3

Lesson this week covers:

  • Cardinal Numbers 16-29
  • Activity: Identifying locations – Tic Tac Toe
  • Narrating Experience with Languages 

Week 4

Lesson for this week covers:

  • Talking about leisure activities
  • Fingerspelling: UP letters
  • Cardinal Numbers: 20-29
  • Practice time given for Language Background presentation

Week 5

Lesson this week as follows:

  • Describing shapes
  • Fingerspelling (double letters)
  • Deaf Culture: Negotiating a signing environment
  • Practice time given for Language Background presentation & mini ASL dialogue

Week 6

Lesson for this week:

  • Practice time given for Language Background presentation & mini ASL dialogue
  • Activities to review all the signs learned in class 

Week 7

  • Practice time given for the Language Background presentation (video assignment)
  • Practice time given for the mini ASL dialogue soft evaluation (covers Units # 1 and half of Unit # 2) 

Week 8

      Submit your Language Background video assignment

  • Upload the video to Google Drive and email your teacher the shared file link.
  • This will be kept confidential with your ASL teacher.

      Soft evaluation test of ASL dialogue – expressive skills

  • 15 mins per partner, assessed by the ASL teacher (confidential)


Jennifer Endicott

  • Agostina Prigioni
  • 705 748 1011 ex. 6419
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