Hieroglyphs Decoded and the Great Tutankhamun Discovery! *Online

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Sat Dec 3, 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM (EST)
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Hieroglyphs Decoded and the Great Tutankhamun Discovery! *Online

Winter 2022 is an exciting time to learn about Ancient Egypt. It’s the 100th Anniversary of the Tutankhamun tomb discovery – and the 200th anniversary of the cracking of the hieroglyph code on the Rosetta Stone. And there are so many new discoveries and openings in Egypt!

Come join Egyptologist Laura Ranieri Roy for a fun and enriching afternoon of learning about Ancient Egypt. This special event will include:

  • Write Like a Pharaoh: an interactive lecture and workshop to teach the story of hieroglyphs and the basics of the writing system. Learn the alphabet – and how to write your name like an Egyptian King. (All materials provided)

  • Tutmania: The wonderful discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun: Let’s embark on a journey back 100 years ago, when the world became enraptured with the treasures of Tut. Learn about the discovery of Tutankhamen, the famous curse, what killed Tut and how Tutmania captivated the world in the 1920s all the way until today, almost a century later! Laura will lead a lively presentation the unveils the mysteries - with rare video clips, photos – and even the voice of Howard Carter!

Laura Ranieri Roy

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