The Basics of Beekeeping

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Tue Oct 18, 7:00 PM - Tue Dec 13, 9:00 PM (EDT)
Traill College, 310 London Street, Peterborough, ON, CANADA  
The Basics of Beekeeping

Each class is designed to be stand-alone, however for a comprehensive understanding of bees and beekeeping enrollment in the full program is encouraged.

This popular beekeeping course will interest the beginner and novice beekeeper as well as those individuals looking for knowledge about bees and the beekeeping industry. A wide range of topics will be explored including equipment, biology, regulations, duties and responsibilities, honey and hive products, pests, and diseases.

The course is comprehensive but also fun and interactive. There will be opportunities for field trips designed to connect you to the bees and the beekeeping community. All field trips require a waiver to be signed.

Come and learn how to responsibly manage honeybee colonies and enjoy the relationship between the bees, their beekeeper, and our environment.

Week 1 October 18: – Getting started!

The first class will explore equipment, yard location and regulations, as well as the physical and financial requirements of beekeeping.


Field Trip October 23rd – Preparing the colonies for winter.


Week 2 October 25 – Bee biology and Pest Management

Understanding bee biology is fundamental to understanding how the bees and colony work together in your Apiary. Integrated pest management is essential to discourage ants, raccoons, and bears from visiting your bee yard.


Week 3 November 1 – Disease management & Hive Products

Identifying, monitoring, treating your bees, as well as record keeping are all part of a larger integrated disease manage program for your apiary. There is more to bees than honey! Together we will explore all the other products a beekeeper can create from a hive.


Week 4 November 8 – Honey

From bee to bottle, the story of honey. Harvesting, marketing, labeling and hands on extraction.


Week 5 December 6 - Getting your bees and communication

Bees can be captured in swarms, purchased in nucs, or split from an existing hive. We will discuss how to catch a swarm, install a nuc, split a hive and learn the magic of bee communication.


Week 6 December 13 - A year in the life of a Beekeeper

From start to finish this class will tie everything together as we explore the month-to-month account of the honeybee colony and the duties and responsibilities of the beekeeper that cares for them.  

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Traill College, 310 London Street, Peterborough, ON, CANADA
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