Acrylic Lyrical Landscape

$35 cad
Tue Nov 2, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT)

The serenity and beauty of this lyrical landscape uses basic painting techniques. The tree trunks are spotlighted and the treatment creates 3D forms with the lights and shadows. The approach to painting this landscape is to simplify the forest and the lake, and to present the illusion of the outdoors, yet be representational at the same time.

Just using the bright and cheerfully rich colours for the layering of leaves, tree trunks and earth creates the emotional reaction that we feel when we see this image.  We can mix some of the paint colours such as the oranges and the greens ourselves.  The water is an unrealistically brilliant blue, but it is inspirational and evokes the feeling of tapestry.  

Materials List

Paint: Acrylic Ultramarine blue, White, Cadmium Yellow medium, Cadmium Red Light,  Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre or other colours as desired. Can be tube kit i.e. Reeves Acrylic, or Basics, or Artists Loft, etc.

Canvas or Canvas Board or Illustration Board, or Watercolour Paper with support. 11 x 14 or other sizes.

Brushes: ½ or ¼ inch flat brush or filbert #11 or #8 round brush and detail brush. #2 or 4 or other brushes as you already may have


Palette or palette paper or foam plate

Paper towel

Water container ie yogurt tub

Valerie Kent

Age Groups