Abstract Acrylic Painting

$100 cad
Fri Nov 12, 7:00 PM - Fri Nov 26, 9:00 PM (EST)

In this 3-Part Workshop, we will be introduced to the freedom and the looseness of abstract painting, yet we will marry a traditional composition to that abstraction. This gives us a framework to hang our ideas on. This is a very productive way to create abstract artwork and it will open avenues for endless creativity.

We will be open to adding collage such as cheese cloth or found papers or handmade papers, using various mark-making tools such as combs, twigs, spatulas, plus so many other interesting things can be brought to this artwork. Various paints may be used such as fluid, heavy body or soft-bodied acrylic paints or even acrylic inks.

We will use exciting, but mostly a limited palette of colours: 3 colours plus black and white. Colour mixing is encouraged. We will be painting, spattering, scratching and blending. Artists are encouraged to select their own colours as desired.

The compositional styles for the three images we will paint are the L-shaped, the Cruciform, and the O-shaped compositions. We will discuss these styles and see other examples for comparison and contrast. We will learn to be free and easy – with a purpose.

Materials List

Paint: Selection of acrylic colours per painting may be 3 colours plus black and white.

Canvas stretched, or canvas board or illustration board or watercolour paper with support like foam core (and masking tape) 11 x 14 or other

Brushes: spatula or palette knife, brushes as desired, other mark-making items

½ inch synthetic brush(es) and detail brush #2, or #4

Palette: or foam plates or palette paper or sta-wet palette or other

Water container: yogurt tub or other


Paper towels

Collage materials as desired (Acrylic gel matte medium if collaging)

Valerie Kent

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