Watercolour Tips and Techniques

$190 cad
Wed Oct 27, 7:00 PM - Wed Dec 1, 9:00 PM (EDT)

There are some wonderful ways to explore watercolours and learn how to create illusions and surface textures. There are as many ways to paint as there are artists who paint. 

As artists we design space and form to bring a solid and real look to our artwork. We move elements to set them into the right space and place. 

We use contrast, light against dark and dark against light, to capture interesting features. We keep hard edges in light and lose them in the shadows. We save whites by masking and paint from lightest to darkest.

Water and its reflections and moving waves are always fun to try. We will move from tighter paintings such as a butterfly to very loose, abstracted birch trees in winter.

There will be a new image in each of the six weeks: Butterfly Among Flowers, Row Boat and Waves on the Water, Trees reflected in a Pond. Barn in a Field of Flowers, A Jack Pine in Bright Colours, and Winter Birch. A line drawing, plus the image for each week will be provided.

Materials List


Paint: Watercolours as a kit, as a field kit or tubes (Possible brands or others: Winsor Newton, Rowney, Reeves, Grumbacher or other

Some suggested colours (or others) Cadmium red light, Alizarin Crimson, One or more blues: ultramarine blue, pthalo blue, cobalt blue, hooker’s or sap green, Viridian green, cadmium yellow medium, burnt umber, burnt sienna, Yellow ochre, *black or paynes grey,  If you have paint, please use.

Paper: Pads sizes 9 x 12 or 11 x 15 or other or individual sheets 22 x 30 (cut into 4 pieces) 140 lb. rough. Some possibilities: Winsor Newton, Saunders, Strathmore, Arches…

Brushes: Synthetic ½” and/or ¼ flat (nice flat edge i.e. Cotman or other_ filbert #10 or #11, round #8 with a sharp point, detail brush required #2, or 4. Not all required. All except detail brush as desired.

Palette: Watercolour palette, or palette with the kit, or foam plate

 Water container: Any i.e. yogurt tub

 Support board: foam core, or cardboard or other stiff board

 Masking Tape 1”


 Paper Towels

 *optional Mr. Clean Eraser  

Valerie Kent

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