Watercolour Bouquet in a Vase Workshop

$35 cad
Thu Aug 12, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT)

Immerse yourself in the joyousness of flowers in all their brilliant colours. We will use a loose and lively brush to dance over the surface and make the flowers look abundant in a small glass vase in watercolour medium. Loosen up and let your enthusiasm carry you to a beautiful place where you create and enjoy yourself.

It is suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Painters who want to have fun.

The format will be step by step. You will receive handouts before the start of the Workshop.

Location: Online via Zoom


Watercolour Paint: A watercolour kit or Alizarin Crimson or Crimson, Ultramarine Blue or Pthalo Blue,

Cadmium Yellow Medium, White,

Optional Sap Green. Paint can be tubes or fluid or craft paint (Dollarama)

Brushes: ¼ inch flat brush or #8 round or 10 or 12 filbert or other

Plus a fine detail brush, # 2, 3, or 4

Watercolour Paper 140 lbs rough Size 11 x 15” or other sizes or illustration board

Support: Foam core, or Masonite or cardboard or anything solid to masking tape

the paper on.

Water container: yogurt tub or other

Palette: Can be a foam plate or other


Paper Towel

Photocopy of the images provided



Piece of heavier paper (can be a poster or advertisement)

Valerie Kent

Age Groups