American Sign Language (ASL) Level 4

$250 cad
Thu Jul 8, 7:00 PM - Thu Aug 26, 9:00 PM (EDT)

Location: Online via Zoom

This fourth-level course in the ASL series is to catch up on what was omitted in the previous level series due to a condensed course outline. This level will cover giving directions from ASL 1, using classifiers, comprehension and retelling of two stories “Timber” and “Gum story” from ASL 2, and about your neighbourhood from ASL 3.

If you have the Signing Naturally workbook, this course covers units 1-6.

Course Pre-requisites: completion of ASL levels 1-3 with a grade of 50% and up.

Week 1

  • Giving directions
  • Expressing Need and Gratitude

Week 2

  • Classifiers
  • “Timber” storytelling

Week 3

  • Classifiers
  • “Gum story” storytelling
  • Practice time given on retelling the Gum story

Week 4

  • Discussing Neighbourhoods
  • Places in the Neighbourhood
  • Numbers: Giving the Time

Week 5

  • Describing your Neighbourhood
  • Giving Directions: Next To, Across From
  • Practice time given on retelling the Gum story

Week 6

  • Practice time given on your Neighbourhood presentation

Week 7

  • Practice time given on retelling the GUM story

Week 8

  • Soft evaluation – TWO video submissions of your neighbourhood and GUM storytelling (Each video assignment is worth 10%)

Jennifer Endicott

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