Painting on a Mason Jar or Wine Glass

$35 cad
Thu Aug 19, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT)

Handmade gifts such as unique, original art on Wine Glasses or on Mason Jars are very much treasures. You can use your imagination and inspiration to paint on glass for all kinds of special occasions, to commemorate all kinds of lovely special events and good times. You will use acrylic paint and then you will learn how to set the paint and put a sealant on the glass to make it stable and beautiful. It does not require many materials and the supplies are reasonably priced. You may use the glassware you already have on hand for the workshop. This creative work is easy and fun to do. It is great for all skill levels. There is a handout with a flamingo image, or you can *design your own.

Location: Online via Zoom

Materials List

  1. *2 or 3 Wine Glasses and/or Mason Jars (Does not need to be new)
  2. Wash the glassware well with soapy water and rinse and dry before workshop)
  3. A selection of craft acrylic colours as desired (Could be dollar store or other)
  4. Note: pink, white and black if you are painting flamingos (feel free to bring your own images)
  5. Brushes – synthetic brushes. One detail brush #2,3, or 4 and a ¼ inch brush.
  6. Alcohol and a cotton swab or tissue plus a q tip
  7. You will receive directions on how to preserve the painting*
  8. You will receive information if you would like to seal the painting with gloss or dishwasher safety*.
  9. Water in a water container such as a yogurt tub.
  10. Paper towel
  11. Optional is a hair dryer
  12. Photocopy of images

Images of the Flamingo will be sent to you before the workshop. If you chose other birds or animals for your project, please have images of them handy for the workshop.

You will need to bake this product. To preserve your artwork, you may wish to Mod Podge or Varnish. More information on this step will be provided in the workshop.

Valerie Kent

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