Mon Mar 15, 7:00 PM - Mon May 3, 9:00 PM (EDT)

Nature lovers please take note: we will paint in acrylics to enjoy the incredible diversity of our wildlife. There will be painting of fur and feathers as we depict a moose, a bald eagle, a fawn, a loon, a hare, a mountain goat, an owl and a fox. We will place the wild life into their natural surroundings. We will draw using geometric shapes to guide us with the drawing process. The prerequisite to this course is to want to get closer to nature, to see and to understand it better and to totally enjoy the process.

Mon Mar 15, 7:00 PM - Mon May 3, 9:00 PM (EDT)

What is feminism? How do feminists unpack current events? What does feminism look like in the 21st century? This course will answer these questions and more through addressing various social and political events in recent history. We will be looking at these current issues through various feminist perspectives in order to understand why these events are happening and how we can work towards solving them. Some of the issues this course will look at are: BLM (black lives matter) protests, Indigenous experiences in Canada, violence against women, digital feminism(s), LGBTQ+ issues, disability studies, etc.

The goal of this course is to challenge societal ‘norms’ and gain a deeper understanding of why these issues persist and impact society. This course will take into account how current events are depicted in the media and will focus the learning through read-ing articles, watching relevant videos and connecting through conversation in order to grow and learn from one another. Through utilizing this form of learning there will be a focus on how important ‘politicization’ is in both large and small ways. The ultimate goal of this course is to pro-vide students with a feminist perspective on issues that are specific to our society and relevant to our current culture.

Wed Mar 17, 7:00 PM - Wed May 5, 9:00 PM (EDT)

This course will allow the artist to depict that which may be traditionally challenging, and apply existing skills to textures and objects and build from there. This is an excellent way to take the basics of watercolour and meet the challenge. This course is about process and some ways of creating the illusion of reality.

Thu Mar 18, 7:00 PM - Thu May 6, 9:00 PM (EDT)

This introductory course for those with no previous knowledge of ASL introduces grammatical structures and facial expressions according to their functions, which are then used in situations connected to everyday activities in the deaf community. Everyday communication is the centrepiece of every lesson. Topics revolve around sharing information about our environment and us. You learn how to relate to each other and build up your cross-cultural awareness and understanding in a classroom with no spoken conversation. You will learn the basics of ASL including vocabulary, non-manual signals, grammar and syntax. Grammar is introduced in context, with an emphasis on developing question and answering skills. Learn to exchange personal information, identify others, give simple directions, talk about living situations, leisure activities and more. This course will also include an introduction to the Deaf culture. This course covers Units 1-3 in the Signing Naturally Level 1 Curriculum workbook.

Thu Mar 18, 7:00 PM - Thu May 6, 9:00 PM (EDT)

A Brief Summary of World War Two will take students through a different topic concerning WWII each week. The class will examine topics like the beginning of the war, the attack on Pearl Harbour, European economy during the war, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, the European war and the Pacific war, and finally the Holocaust and the liberation of concentration camps. Students should finish the course with a comprehensive understanding of the main aspects of the Second World War.This course will be taught as a seminar, which will rely on students to be engaging and interactive with their instructor and fellow students.

Please be advised: this course will cover sensitive topics.

Fri Mar 19, 7:00 PM - Fri May 7, 9:00 PM (EDT)

This third level course in the ASL series enables you to rehearse previously learned conversational strategies and be able to correct information to minimize misunderstandings. Topics move from talking about yourself and the immediate environment, to talking about others and your community. You will develop language skills focused on conversation strategies and volunteer appropriate information to maintain a comfortable exchange. This course covers unit 7 in the Signing Naturally Units 7-12 curriculum book. Course Pre-requisites: completion of ASL 1 and ASL 2 with a grade of 50% and up.

Tue Mar 23, 7:00 PM - Tue Apr 27, 9:00 PM (EDT)

Playwriting: Finding Your Creative Voice for the Stage is a six-week intensive program which will lead writers through the process of learning what exactly constitutes a play or piece of live performance, as opposed to the act of writing prose, and begin them on the road to being playwrights or deepening their playwriting skills.

Over the course of six two-hour sessions, writers will begin to explore creating work, in various forms for the stage, including monologue, verbatim theatre and multi-character scenes. Course instructor Kim Blackwell is one of the most active directors and dramaturges in Canada today, having led 4th Line Theatre’s play development program for 20 years. The course will also bring in playwrights from across Canada to work with course participants on finding their own unique writing styles and voices.

This will be a hands-on course, with participants writing from the very first session. Participants will be encouraged to share their work in a safe, creative setting. Blackwell will provide feedback and support, to further each writer’s journey and strengthen them as writers.

This course is designed for writers at any point in their creative journey.

Mon Apr 19, 1:00 PM - Sat May 1, 2:30 PM (EDT)

Are you fascinated with birds and other wildlife – their colors and diversity, their amazing and amusing behaviours? Do you travel to see national parks, natural habitats, scenic wonders and exotic plants and animals in Canada and abroad? Would you like to improve your ability to capture these memories with your digital camera? This course will help you do that.

Designed for amateur photographers who already have a digital camera and are knowledgeable about how to use it, this course focuses on enhancing existing skills specifically to capture better wildlife and landscape images, whether you shoot at the bird feeder in your backyard or journey to the ends of the earth. Students should have a DSLR camera or an advanced “bridge” or “point & shoot” camera with lenses that offer both wide-angle and telephoto shooting capability.

Wildlife shooting is one of the most challenging types of photography there is, requiring the ability to capture elusive and skittish subjects and fast, unpredictable behaviour, often in low light. The photographer must rapidly and constantly assess and juggle camera settings and environmental conditions to obtain the best results. This course will provide knowledge and tools that will help you do that.

Sat Apr 24, 1:00 - 4:00 PM (EDT)

How did David really beat Goliath? How did farmer workers win rights from corporate giants? How did Barak Obama become President?

Transformative change requires leaders who know themselves and can use the power of story-telling, relationships, and tactics to build power from resources in communities. Leaders mobilize power to make change. Been involved in campaign that has failed? It happens. Come learn the latest in how to make effective change. The time is now.

Note: this workshop requires brave self-reflection and story-sharing in a safe learning environment.

This workshop is based on the Ganz model from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University,

Thu Apr 29, 7:00 - 9:00 PM (EDT)

You will be able to paint and preserve the painting on glass for all kinds of special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings and as gifts for all kinds of lovely, memorable times when a handmade gift will be treasured.

We will use acrylic paint and then we will discuss how to set the paint and put a sealant on the glass to make it stable and beautiful. It does not require many materials and they are reasonably priced. You may use the glassware you already have on hand for the workshop. This creative work is easy and fun to do. It is great for all skill levels because there are wonderful ready-made images to choose from or you can design your own.